Volvo FH Performance Edition – designed to shine

The Volvo FH Performance Edition is the ideal combination of high performance,
driver comfort, safety and fuel efficiency. It’s simply an outstanding vehicle.

Optimal performance with Volvo FH

Optimal performance in every detail

I-SHIFT DUAL CLUTCH secures constant power flow without torque interruption, which allows for a higher average speed without increasing fuel consumption.

I-SEE acts as an autopilot that changes gears and uses hills optimally, saving up to 5% fuel. It memorises the topography and stores it online so you can enjoy maximum fuel efficiency whenever you pass that stretch of road.

VOLVO DYNAMIC STEERING provides steering assistance and compensates for disturbances, so you can drive safer and smarter. At high speeds, disturbances are cancelled and potholes swallowed. At low speeds, the 85 % additional steering force enables you to sit back and steer a fully-loaded truck with just one finger.

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Services that maximise productivity

VOLVO GOLD CONTRACT gives you full access to the Volvo service network and our certified technicians. Via the Telematics Gateway we monitor your truck's condition remotely, and plan repairs and maintenance to suit your operations.

DYNAFLEET is our fleet management system that helps you control fuel consumption, keep track of driver times and plan your operations better. It saves time and improves profitability.

DRIVER DEVELOPMENT provides your drivers with the training that helps them make the most out of your Volvo trucks. You can expect higher productivity, lower fuel costs and more skilled and motivated drivers.

VOLVO FINANCIAL SERVICES offers beneficial solutions whether you’re buying or leasing your truck. We know the trucking industry, and always deliver customized financing that fits your needs perfectly.


  • Volvo FH13 42T, 540 hp with VEB+
  • I-Shift Dual Clutch
  • Globetrotter XL Cab
  • Alcoa Dura-Bright® Aluminium wheel
  • Volvo Dynamic Steering
  • I-Park Cool
  • Front axle load capacity 8 tonnes
  • I-See
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Airflow package
  • Audio Advanced
  • Visibility+ package
  • Personal safety package


• Unique Performance Blue, complete cab painting

• Volvo Performance Edition striping

• Additional side windows

• Leather package

• Living package plus

Form more detailed information, contact your Volvo Trucks dealer. The colours may vary from the actual due to limitations in the printing process. We reserve the rights to alter production specifications without prior notice.